Did Your Family Talk to You About Sex?

People get their information about sex from many places. For some of us, our families were the first people to talk to us about sex. For some of us, our families didn’t talk about sex, and we learned about it in other ways. In this video, people talk about the different ways they got information about sex when they were growing up.

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Options for Sexual Health



What We Talk About And Why

Where to Get Information About Sex

Sex education happens to everybody every day, whether we like it or not. We are bombarded with images, messages, and ideas about sex from our televisions, billboards, iPods, computers, and magazines. This ‘education’ is factually unreliable, and it often reinforces a particular value set. Some people are objectified. Others are ridiculed or erased. This ‘education’ is also a one-way monologue. It’s not a dialogue. There isn’t room for questioning or reflection.

In the midst of all this, we could all use someone reliable and trustworthy to talk to about sexuality. For people with cognitive disabilities, picking the right person or resource is important. Our videos discuss what qualities to look for in a confidante. We also list services that provide accurate, agenda-free sexual health information. You can also find this information on our Resources page.

We also discuss who NOT to talk to about sex. (Strangers are usually a bad choice, for example.)