Have honest conversations about dating, love, relationships and sex for everyone.

We are a sexual health initiative aimed at people with cognitive disabilities and their supporters. We host educational/social events where people can have open, honest conversations about dating, love, relationships, and sex.

Check out our comics!

Extra extra! We’ve got a brand new series of comics fresh off the presses, and we’re excited to share them at upcoming RealTalk events.

Each comic is a profile of a different rad person with a cognitive disability & how they experience dating, love, relationships and sex.

Scroll down and read through each person’s story individually, or go ahead and download your very own ZIP file of all the comic books at once (they print on legal paper). You can also watch them as videos here.


How to Use Real Talk

Intro to Real Talk

Pizza Party

People with a cognitive disability meet over a casual meal to watch some Real Talk videos and participate in a conversation facilitated by a certified sexual health educator. (It’s free to attend!)


– December Real Talk Pizza Party – Burnaby on Thursday, December 12th, 6pm – 8:30pm

Approachable Support

People who support someone with a cognitive disability meet and discuss:

  • Sexual health & education resources that are available, and which ones might work best for the person you support.
  • Positive and affirming approaches to supporting sexuality.
  • How to get more comfortable with feeling uncomfortable…

December Real Talk Approachable Support – Burnaby

Intro to Real Talk –
For Staff



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Watch Real Talk Videos…

…of people having calm, informative conversations about dating, love, relationships, and sex. This can help you feel braver and more relaxed about bringing up a topic which might be embarrassing but is necessary to talk about. It’s a big conversation and it’s happening everywhere! You’re not alone in this 🙂

Watch Videos

Get Comfortable…

…talking about dating, love, relationships, and sex at our events. People with cognitive disabilities come together in the Greater Vancouver area to watch Real Talk videos, have a casual meal, and chat about what’s going on for them. People can talk about hopes and dreams, problems that are happening, successes they’ve had.

Attend events

Get Better Support…

Real Talk also helps supporters like your family and your staff get more comfortable talking about dating, love, relationships, and sex. When you feel more comfortable talking about this stuff, it works best if someone else in your life also feels more comfortable talking about this stuff. That’s how the conversations start to happen!

Get support