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Starter Talks Zoom Hangout – November 12th

November 12 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Everybody has questions about dating, love, relationships, and sex. Things like:

  • How do I meet a boyfriend / girlfriend / partner?
  • How do I let my family know that I want to date?
  • How can I make sex safer?
  • What is consent?

It’s totally normal. It’s also normal to feel embarrassed discussing this stuff, or hearing other folks discuss it. Got questions? Feeling awkward to ask them? Don’t worry. Real Talk has an event coming up just for you.


You’ve told us you want a space where it’s okay to be a beginner and to ask beginner questions.

We’ve heard from some of our newer participants that they’ve sometimes felt awkward being in the same workshop as other folks who have more experience and who ask more explicit questions.

So we’ve created a Real Talk event just for folks who have never attended before, and folks who feel very uncomfortable talking about or hearing about this stuff. It’s called Real Talk Starter Talks.


If you’re embarrassed, don’t worry! We’ll get you the information you’re looking for. We won’t make fun of your questions. We won’t say that your questions are inappropriate. We’ll take things slowly, with lots of breaks. Relax – it’s the chill version of Real Talk.


At this event, we’ll watch some Real Talk videos, and have a conversation hosted by a Certified Sexual Health Educator. We’ll talk about where to get good information, who can support us with this stuff, and how to figure out confusing situations. Just like with every Real Talk event, people are welcome to talk about things & ask questions, or to just listen if they don’t want to talk.


If you want a family member, friend, or staff member to support you to tune in to the Zoom Hangout, that’s great. They don’t need to register, they can just show up with you.


Please note: The maximum number of attendees at a Real Talk Zoom Hangout is 12. We do this so that everyone has a chance to participate and share ideas if they want to. If you try to register someone and the event is full – don’t worry, we’ll be running these frequently while Social Distancing is in effect. If you have an event link from signing up one person please DON’T pass it on to others who have not registered. This will keep the event more confidential and more useful for everyone.


Event Registration Here!


November 12
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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