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Pizza Party South Burnaby

June 26, 2019 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


People arrive and are welcomed by the facilitators. While we wait for everyone to arrive, there are some activities to get people thinking about the subjects we’ll be discussing.

Once everyone has arrived, the facilitators lead some brief introductions. Then we begin screening video episodes from the Real Talk video catalog. After each episode, we check in with everyone about whether the things discussed in the videos are interesting or relevant to them. We invite discussion, reflection, and questions.

Pizza arrives near the end. Folks take a quick break for a bite and some casual chat, then it’s back to more episodes, discussion, reflection, questions, and answers.

Afterwards, people have the opportunity to film themselves asking questions or giving feedback on what they’ve seen in the videos. If someone films themselves, we check in with them and their caregivers afterwards by email to see if they’d be ok with us posting their video on our web page. (We NEVER post a video without a person’s written permission, and if someone ever changes their mind about a video, we’ll take it down.)

Our goal with each event is to provide an encouraging, inclusive and comfortable space for folks to honestly share about love, dating, sex and relationships. What are people’s experiences? Hopes? Dreams? Frustrations? Disappointments?

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Royal Oak & Rumble Area – Click the Link Above for the Full Address.


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