Tips to help you prepare for a Real Talk Pizza Party


Getting To Events

  • Write down the address
  • Plan your route for getting to and from the event. Will you be taking transit? Are you driving/getting a ride?
  • Will you want someone to support you in getting to the event?


Get Comfortable

  • Watch some Real Talk videos to learn about what topics we talk about.
  • Explore our blog to see what other people are saying about love, sex and relationships.
  • Check in with yourself. How do you feel about sharing some of your experiences with others? That’s part of what happens at events. It’s totally ok to come to an event and just listen, if that’s your preference. Some people find they can feel more comfortable sharing at an event if they have spent some time considering whether or not they want to share some experiences – and if so which ones?
  • Think about whether there are people in your life who you can talk to about the subjects we discuss in Real Talk.


Agreements at Events

At every event, we come up with some agreements among participants about how to make the space encouraging and comfortable for everyone. Some common agreements include:

  • Giving everyone space to contribute
  • Practicing consent around how we ask for participation
  • Being respectful in how we talk to each other
  • Not telling people they’re wrong or bad
  • Respecting people’s personal space, etc.


If you or someone you know wants to participate in Real Talk and would find the agreements above a barrier to participation, drop us a line!